AK Development, LLC was founded in 2016 by President Ariam Kesete. AK development is more than just an organization focused on the development of real estate, communities, and people. It is a concept of applied an applied concept to people, places and things. We focus on 4 core principles: security, responsibility, accountability, and collaboration.

In real estate, communities, and personal development we focus on:

  • Security: Addressing the basic needs of infrastructure to provide an ability to evolve real estate, communities, and people

  • Responsibility: Igniting personal responsibility that creates a sense of entitlement and ownership to create pride in real estate, communities, and people.

  • Accountability: Building projects that will help address community concerns by providing beneficial physical components of building architectural design.

  • Collaboration: Collaborating with community members and community leaders related to the implementation processes of a project.








ariam kesete - OWNER


Born and raised in Eritrea, located in East Africa, Ms. Kesete migrated to the U.S. in 1997. Ms. Kesete was taught the important values of hard work and dedication as a means to improve her livelihood. Following her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Kesete left from Minnesota and moved to Wisconsin where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Sales from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and also earned her certification in Community Administrative Leadership.

After graduating, Ms. Kesete amassed over 6 years of experience working in the mental health field by working as a care coordinator for Wraparound Milwaukee. Ms. Kesete has always remained connected to her communities and has been steadfast in her mission to better Milwaukee communities as evidenced by her direct engagement with a number of underserved communities in Milwaukee. Ms. Kesete has made her dreams of making an effective contribution to Milwaukee neighborhoods come true.

Furthermore, Ms. Kesete is also a graduate of the prestigious Associates in Commercial Real Estate program, where she heavily studied all aspects of the commercial real estate industry. Ms. Kesete has been resolute in her dedication to finding solutions to aid in responding to neighborhood needs and will continue to make her mark in underserved Milwaukee communities as an established developer, and furthering her reach to the community and people in them as a whole.