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Real estate development

AK Development, a real estate division, focuses on rebuilding communities that have been affected by trauma, distress, or mere negligence. Among our core values, security is our first pillar. Therefore, our overall goal is to bring our motto of "think global, act locally" to all the communities we develop. Our success lies in our team's diversity, international viewpoints, and the collaborative elements we include in every project we touch.

Community development

AK Development commits our resources to the communities we invest in by going a step further for partners and providing direct businesses that focus on economic and business development. We believe that for the long-term achievement of our real estate investments in communities, we too must have a hand in the success of the small businesses and entrepreneurs that reside within them. Specializing in collaborative and communal business models, such as workspace entrepreneur incubators, healthcare incubators, and community kitchens, we are both a resource and available partner with the experience to create successful collaborative and communal business models.

Personal development

Without people, AK Development and any business cannot be successful. Therefore, we strongly commit to having relationships with personal development resources such as KCI. At KCI, we believe you can succeed if you have the right mindset. KCI offers a paid self-paced incubator program, and several free resources and online courses. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to move to the next level, our library with many courses will answer your questions and turn your dreams into reality.

Click the link below to go to the KCI website. 

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