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AK Development, LLC founded in 2016 embodies an innovative approach to real estate development. We focus on changing people's lives, improving places, and enhancing communities. We do this by building strong partnerships between private companies and the government, known as public-private partnerships (PPPs). Our key principles are security, responsibility, accountability, and teamwork. 


We are committed to our motto of "think global, act local," which reflects our approach to community development. Our team brings together diverse perspectives from around the world, and we emphasize collaboration in every project we embark upon.


Our goal is to bring our motto of "think global, act local" to all the communities we have a hand in developing. Our team's diverse backgrounds, global perspectives, and commitment to collaboration fuel our success. A key long-term goal for AK Development is to build affordable homes for working-class individuals.

About - Owner

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Ariam Kesete is a renowned and seasoned leader in Milwaukee. She is the founder and CEO of AKD Development, a real estate firm specializing in development and property management with completion of over 100 property rehabilitations in several markets in the upper market. Leveraging her commitment to community, she has successfully developed a rent-to-own housing model with over 10% of tenants realizing their dream of homeownership.


Ariam is currently developing her first building with a goal of achieving net zero energy on a market-rate new construction, mixed-use building in South Milwaukee.



Damfe is an experienced project manager who leverages his brand strategy, consulting, technical writing, marketing, and communications background. He has worked with successful tech startups and real-estate companies with technology and product design expertise locally and internationally.

As a speaker, educator, and community contributor, he is also an active part of communities, helping youths develop in-demand skills. 



Eugene is a respected leader in finance and real estate, known for his strategic skills and community-oriented approach. He is a senior non-profit auditor with over 10 years of experience in accounting, holding an MBA and MSA in the subject. Eugene also serves on the board of a non-profit organization that focuses on helping African American males between 16-24 years of age. He recently graduated from the prestigious ACRE program, which provides training in commercial development. 


Additionally, Eugene is the co-host of the Blaq Buddafly Podcast and works on commercial and residential projects in Gary, Indiana. He currently works as an auditor and project manager for AK Development, where he is involved in a wide range of projects, from new construction to community-based initiatives like tech incubators to multifamily development.

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