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Real Estate Development Program

Welcome to the exciting world of real estate development! To begin your journey, take the first step by filling out the enrollment form by clicking the button below.

Course Overview

Master real estate development with our comprehensive program, featuring industry-leading instruction and hands-on experience.

Real estate development is a complex field, but with our course, you can learn the foundations to become a successful developer. Our program covers core competencies, specialized skills, and recognized industry practices to help you produce financially successful projects. 


By the end of this course, you will master the fundamentals of real estate practice, building form, design, financing, and development, while also learning about environmental sustainability, social equality, and architectural excellence. Our program is unique as it emphasizes design and systems in real estate development and includes opportunities to learn from industry leaders through on-field days.

Benefits of this program

  • Certification

  • General Contractor License

  • Recommendation

  • Paid Work Experience

  • Networking and Introduction to Industry leaders

Meet Your Instructor

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Ariam Kesete

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Ariam Kesete is a renowned leader and real estate developer in Milwaukee 

Course Outline

Module 1

Introduction to Real Estate Development

Module 2

Understanding Blueprints (Architectural Plans & Permits)

Module 3

Construction Bids and Estimates

Module 4

Systems and Structure in Real Estate Business

Module 5

Construction Drawings & MEP Drawings

Module 6

Design & Layout

Module 7

Approvals & Timelines

Module 8

Managing Construction Projects

Module 9

Maintenance Management

Module 10

Real Estate Financing/Project Financing 

Online learning materials, including companion materials, will be available to students both during and after the course through KCIStartUp.

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